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Non-Certified Staff - Job Details

Title:Kitchen Helper
Date Created:04-05-17 (08:44 PM)
End Date: 
Location:Corydon, IN
Position Type:Non-Certified Staff
Content Areas:Food Service

Kitchen Helper
Part Time, 5 hours a day, 25 hours a week, 181 days a year
Starting pay is $11.60 an hour
There are no benefits except prorated sick and personal days
*All employees must complete a nationwide criminal history
1) High School Diploma preferred but not required
2) Knowledge of Food Preparation
3) Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Responsible to: Cafeteria Manager and Principal

Job Goal:
To help provide nutritional meals for the school lunch program and maintain a clean and sufficient kitchen and cafeteria.

Performance responsibilities:
1. Assist in the preparation of food for school lunch program.
2. Serve students and staff.
3. Remove used dishes and assist in the cleaning of counters, tables, dishes, and furnishings in the dining and kitchen area.
4. Maintain the trash and garbage collection area in a neat and sanitary fashion.
5. Assist the cafeteria manager with checking inventory of necessary supplies and equipment.
6. Assist the cafeteria manager in meeting all state and federal regulations pertaining to the school lunch program.
7. Perform other such duties as may be assigned by the building Principal and/or cafeteria manager.

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